Rules, Ethics, Dress And Conduct Code

As we prepare to enter another season of the Junior Tour we would like to welcome all players.

As a committee, we have laid out some rules to make this tour successful. The responsibility is on you to make yourself aware of what is expected as a participant of this tour. We would like to make it very clear that no player will be given preferred treatment for starting times, dress, rules, or conduct. That famous excuse," I didn't know!", will not excuse you from the rules we have laid out for this tour.

To each and every one of you we wish the best of luck in your effort to capture the Junior Tour Championship.

Starting times for each week will be prearranged, posted on this site and if available emailed to you. Please check the website the night before each event for changes.

For your starting times, check:

Arrive at the course at least 45 minutes ahead of time for registration.

The last three weeks will be done using the 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 draw system.

DRESS - Local Golf Club dress code rules as well as following...

Pants: No blue jeans. Dress pants, dress shorts and golf slacks are acceptable. Females may wear shorts (Bermuda style shorts with a minimum 5" inseam).

Shoes: Golf soft spikes or running shoes only.

Hats: Worn with brim forward at all times .


NO PROFANITY: We all know how frustrating golf can be. However, any reported act of profanity will be looked into and immediate action taken.

NO CLUB THROWING: Not only does this show poor sportsmanship, it is outright dangerous and will not be tolerated.

NO WILFUL DAMAGE We are all guests of these fine clubs and must be welcomed back if this tour is to continue to grow and develop. Any breach in this area will draw the most serious disciplinary action.

SLOW PLAY: If a hole is open, you must close the gap within the next hole. If you can't maintain your position you could be subject to a 2 stroke penalty, or moved to the next tee and score a double par for the hole.

INFORMATION: Any questions you have regarding the tour should be directed to the website email address. Your tee times will be available there. Do not call the host club as they may or may not have your times available.


We hope this will never have to be used throughout the entire tour. However, you must realize we will not accept anything less than 100% proper conduct on this tour. For those who do not adhere to the rules and code of ethics as set out by the tour, the following consequences will result:

1. Withdrawing during a round without just cause

2. No show for tournament without informing the committee

3. Conduct or language likely to injure the reputation of the Junior Tour.

4. Repeated slow play. .

5. Removing ball from hole with club.

6. Throwing a club.

7. Aiding a fellow competitor.

8. Wilful damage to the course or clubhouse.

9. Failure to follow dress code, especially the local course rules.

10. Suspension from tour will disallow participant from playing on the tour in the years to follow.

11. Late to your tee time, but we are still able to fit you in.

DEMERIT POINTS for ALL Rules Infractions

First time; -5 points

Second time -10 points

Third time will result in an automatic suspension.


If you have any problems or questions contact one of the committee members.

AIDING FELLOW COMPETITORS: We want to impress upon you the proper etiquette and rules of golf during this tour. However, should you overlook a serious breach of either etiquette or rules, you too will be subject to disciplinary action. Once a competitor has completed his/her round, he/she is not allowed to venture out onto the course to give information to fellow competitors .

NO SHOW: We understand that each and every one of you will have a busy schedule this summer.
VERY IMPORTANT AS FOLLOWS: Conflicts between your schedule and the tour's cannot always be avoided; should a conflict arise which will cause you to miss an event, you are required to do just one thing, inform one of the committee members prior to the conflicting date. Any player missing TWO events without just cause will be suspended from further play.

Any player missing the final banquet, after saying they will attend; will be charged for their meal and will be expected to pay the Tour upon request without delay, Should they win a prize it will be forfeited back to the tour, You do not get an automatic exemption into next years tour.

If you are suspended you are ineligible for any future Junior Tour events.

CONDUCT: Some of the host clubs have areas where they request you "DO NOT ENTER". These areas are as stated OFF LIMITS.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Each course has requested cash sales for all food and drinks. That means no signing for food by chits except those who are members of the host club. For those who wish a snack after the front nine, remember, you must maintain your position.

LOCAL RULES: Will be available at the first tee at some of the tournament sites. Pin placement sheets might be available if supplied by course.

RULE PROBLEMS: In the event you are uncertain about the right procedure to follow under the rules and no official is available, follow the procedure outlined in Rule 20.1c (page 122 in your Rules book) After the uncertain situation arises and before making a stroke choose which ball you wish to count and advise your marker or another player of your choice. Play both balls to completion of the hole and mark both scores on the scorecard.
After play you MUST advise us at scoring that you played 2 balls (even if you score the same with both) or you will be disqualified.

PRACTICE ROUNDS: Are not included in the tour. It is possible to play any of the public courses if you wish to, as a green fee player.

CADDIES: Will not be allowed for any competitor. Parents and friends are not permitted to follow players on the course at ANY Junior Tour event including the Qualifier. Spectators will be asked to leave the course of play if found spectating.

DISTANCE FINDERS: Distance/Range finders are permitted, however pace of play must be maintained.


NOTE: All rulings and decisions by the committee and/or course marshals will be final.


Don Tilma, Chairman:

Pamela Travers: Rules Official, Course Marshal

Carla Munch-Miranda: Admin, Registration Desk and Course Marshal

Chris Miranda: Admin, Registration Desk and Course Marshal

Pro Advisors

Carla Munch-Miranda, Cambridge Golf Club

Chris Miranda, Cambridge Golf Club

Brian Bard, Guelph Lakes Golf & CC


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