NOTE: Due to Covid we are reviewing this format. But, the core of it will remain.

Based on "Order Of Merit Points" each year our goal is to give the winning Boy and Girl a $1,000 scholarship to their 1st year of University or College. The top 4 boys (U19), top 2 girls (U19) and top 2 bantam boys (U15) go on to the “Provincial Junior Tours Championship” held the last Sunday (afternoon Practise round) though Tuesday the week before school starts in September. (Ultimately Final player selection is up to the tour committee) As we are a volunteer non-profit tour for kids we work strictly with entry fees and donations, the prizes are prorated based on donations and number of players in each division.
The top 4 Junior Boys, 2 Junior Girls and 2 Bantam golfers are also exempted into next years Junior Tour.

ALL Junior Players that get through qualifying will receive:
- 7 rounds of golf at area courses.
- Banquet after the final round (Guests Invited) with all tour prizes being handed out.
- Discounted practise rounds at various courses the tour stops at.
- Day award for winner of that tour stop.

Collegiate golfers (over 18 as of August 1 and still in college or university) will be signed up first come first serve and will have their own prize division.

Tour Format

For the U19 players it will be determined by score on qualifying day and past year finishes and exemptions.

For U15 players it will be determined by score on qualifying day and equally important their playing ability. Our goal is to have everyone enjoy golf and get better at it. We don’t want to have players posting scores on the leader board that turn them off the game.

Therefore the format we try for will have 16 Collegiate players, qualify up to sixteen U19 girls, thirty two U19 boys and up to sixteen U15 boys for a maximum of 88 golfers. Age for each division is determined by the age they are on Aug 1st, Similar to the GAO.


1. The winner each week will be awarded 60 points: 2nd place will receive 59 points, 3rd place 58 points, 4th place 57 points, and continues down to zero. Points are award for each division.

2. In the event of ties:
(a) If a tie occurs in the first position, there will be a play off for the trophy only, points are still divided.
(b) If a tie occurs in the other positions, the points are divided. (i.e. if three individuals are tied for ninth position, which would be 51 points, the numbers 51, 50, and 49 would be added together and divided by three, giving each player 50 points).

3. We understand families have Vacations. Therefore the points from the best 4 of the first 5 rounds plus the 6th round count towards total points to determine the tour winners.

4. All prizes and awards will be presented at the closing banquet.

Please remember: The closing banquet and awards presentation will be held following the final stop on the tour. Gents will be wearing a shirt, tie and pants, Ladies, dress or dress pants.


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